Labor Law

We offer our integral services in individual and collective disputes to corporations as well as to workers:

  • Individual conflicts. We assist our clients from the very beginning, presenting alternatives to the conflict at hand, and offering representation in both an administrative and legal capacity.
  • Work Accidents. We assist our clients in prevention of work related damages, and establishing protocols for security and hygiene, as well as representing the interests of those who have incurred damages due to a particular incident.
  • Collective Labor Law. We provide assistance in disputes arising between unions and corporations.
  • Administrative Labor Law. We offer procedural support to our clients in writing legal briefs and administrative actions (Ministry of Labor, Superintendence of Labor Risk).
  • Audits. We analyze data and generate reports on the adaptation of our clients to the working environment, evaluating risks and designing preventative measures.
  • Consultation. We design general strategies, reports, and monitoring of cases.
  • Direct Contact and Follow-Up. We offer assistance to those in human resource management and we provide solutions to concrete cases.